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Since a primary purpose of standing up this site was to promote the Vintage FAI Power event, this section was not completed during the site's initial development.  

This section will be completed as time permits.  

Here is a start:

Era 7 (Part 2) - 1980-1994*:   7 Second engine run. 

*  the FAI rules for this Era remained more or less constant for many years from 1975 through 1994.  During this time, the 7 second engine run remained in effect, with only changes to the fly-off procedures and the addition of an extended first round max.  We have broken this time frame into 2 parts, based on the reasoning stated in the Background section of the Vintage FAI Power Event.  We chose to cap the Vintage FAI Power event with models of the low tech nature by ending Part 1 in 1979.  The remainder of the time frame of the 7 second engine runs is covered in this Modern FAI Power section as Era 7 (Part 2) - 1980 -1994.  

Era 8 - 1995 - present:   5 Second engine run. 



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