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About US

About you.

Who are we?

We are you, us and me.

This site is all about those who like FAI Power. 

We therefore collectively need to contribute to it.  We means you too.

Now that I have this site up and running I am actively soliciting you for additional material for consideration to post.

Please note that I reserve the right to post things.  

It is not my intention to run a discussion forum or anything along those lines, so lets not go there.

Mostly it is my hope that this site serves as a depository of information on FAI Power.

Pictures and 3-views of models are highly desirable, and we could use a lot more of them on this site.  

I have received comments from many of you that the pictures are what makes the site special.  So in the future, I will be adding many more. I hope to receive many from you too.

Please note I will not post low resolution pictures like those from camera phones, or ones that have been reduced in resolution.  I need the highest quality pictures to work with that you have, either compressed or uncompressed.  I will also need information about the photo a caption, date, photographer, location, etc...

Remember this is your site too, so please Contact Us for details on submitting material!




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